April 2021

YASAI: Building The Largest Vertical Farm in the World

YASAI empowers customers to grow more with less for the health of people, plants and the planet.

Headquartered in Zurich, YASAI is a vertical farming service that allows its customers to grow more with less. The startup creates circular food production systems in regions lacking sufficient agricultural resources like freshwater or arable land. Their model drastically reduces the use of pesticides and increases biodiversity by enhancing food production through resource-saving technologies. YASAI replaces food imports and reduces production costs across the value chain by focusing on locality and premium quality.

The idea started with founder Mark Zahran’s Master’s thesis at ETH Zurich. His mission is to feed the world sustainably and contribute to the health of people, plants, and the planet. He sought to integrate vertical farming within the mountainous Swiss landscape. And he saw the opportunity to do so by transforming the La Sarraz quarry into the world’s largest vertical farm.

At YASAI, we imagine a world where everyone is empowered to grow their own plants, a planet of self-sustaining ecocities that form a sea of biodiversity

Mark Zahran

Co-Founder & CEO, YASAI

For more information:

c/o ETH Zurich
iE-Lab, 4th Floor, STE J16
Stampfenbachstrasse 54, 8092 Zurich

Phone : +41 79 866 10 67

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