November 2020

Webinar: Latest news on the FoodTech Ecosystem | 23.11.2020 at 9am

Innovaud, the EHL Innovation Village and the Agropole are pleased to invite you to a webinar on Monday 23rd of November 2020, 9am – 10.15am.

This is an opportunity to get together the FoodTech community and keep you updated about the latest news and some key players in the food and nutrition sector.


  • Introduction and moderation by Innovaud – Pierre-Jean Wipff, Innovation advisor

  • Update on the Swiss Food and Nutrition Valley by Fathi Derder – Presentation of an initiative gathering and promoting the foodtech ecosystem to achieve tomorrow’s food and nutrition challenges.

  • Agropôle of Molondin by Julie Schüpbach – Fields for trials, industrial infrastructures, service providers and commercial network; Agropôle is a unique site to accelerate the implementation of tomorrow’s sustainable solutions.

  • News of the EHL Innovation Village by Winaretta Zina Singer – Resilience on the food and hospitality innovation scene.

  • Vivent by Carrol Plummer – Harnessing biosignals for the future with plant monitoring.

  • Aquantis by Marc Van Rompaey – Innovative sensors for in-line moisture, particle size and freezing monitoring.

  • Firmenich D-lab by Eric Saracchi – Tackling Artificial Intelligence to augment innovation across fragrance and taste creation.

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