July 2021

Accenture Joins SFNV in Mapping the Swiss FoodTech Ecosystem 2021

swiss foodtech ecosystem 2021

The report identifies that 286 key players and four major trends are driving and influencing the Swiss foodtech industry: sustainability, agriculture efficiency, and transparency of supply chains.

Today we see the beginning of a new era in the global food and nutrition sector. Significant shifts in consumer demand and behavior have been driving exponential growth across food production, processing, delivery and disposal and are unlocking frankly unprecedented opportunities for blue-sky innovation. Meanwhile Switzerland, leveraging an already formidable footing within the food industry, looks set to become one of the leaders in redefining and re-imagining food value chains.

This report is the result of a partnership between Accenture and the Swiss Food & Nutrition Valley. Both partners joined forces to map the FoodTech ecosystem of Switzerland – striving to provide deeper insights into the current state and future possibilities.

We have conducted a detailed mapping of the Swiss landscape through the lens of innovative FoodTechs: identifying an impressive 280+ key players spanning large corporates, trailblazing startups, academia, venture capitalists, and governmental organizations, this report shines a spotlight on the Swiss food innovation sector.

Among other findings, you will discover :

  • Who the most influential Swiss FoodTech startups and ecosystem partners are and where they sit within the ecosystem of food innovation.
  • The emerging trends in food technology and priority areas for Swiss enterprises.
  • How Swiss actors are primed to become global shapers in technologies such as precision agriculture and sustainable protein sources.


This is the first version of the mapping, hence neither the map nor any listing in the whole report claims to be exhaustive. We will update the ecosystem map on a regular basis, which will increase its accuracy. Therefore, let’s co-create! Are you a part of the Swiss FoodTech ecosystem and missing on the map?

Please fill the form below to make sure you will be on the next version (quarterly update).

In partnership with Accenture

Matthias Hegele | LinkedIn
Managing Director
Accenture Strategy & Consulting Lead Switzerland 

Sebastian Guenther | LinkedIn
Innovation & Design Lead CH
Accenture Ventures Lead DACH

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