March 2021

The State of Vaud Unveils Latest Campaign and Factsheet on Food Innovation

The Canton of Vaud serves the food of tomorrow through personalised nutrition, functional food and robotised agriculture.

The canton of Vaud has a strong agricultural tradition and this developed the agri-food sector with the creation of Nestlé in Vevey in 1905. The region also benefits from a strong industrial tradition, complemented by a strong spirit of innovation. It enables companies to design and produce new solutions to meet today’s needs and anticipate the future’s challenges.

The Food Innovation Scene in the State of Vaud

Products from the Vaud food industry are exported worldwide. But apart from the large-scale trade in foodstuff, the canton of Vaud has important players in the research and development of new products. Academic institutes, including the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL), are working on a future-oriented challenge: agritech. Startups are investing in this emerging sector by developing drones to control crops, weeding robots, “intelligent” greenhouses and remote sensing systems. The EPFL also opened its Integrative Food and Nutrition Center to focus on issues related to nutrition and food production. Meanwhile, the EHL Hospitality Management School is also active in research, innovation and entrepreneurship with its Innovation Village and the Metro Hospitality Lab.

Switzerland is home to a unique innovation ecosystem for food and nutrition. Together, we can more effectively address global challenges such as delicious, nutritious and affordable food for all, sustainable packaging, and climate change mitigation.

Stefan Palzer

CTO, Nestlé

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