February 2021

SwissDeCode: Offers DNA Detection Solutions for Safe Food Production

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With a vision for a safe food supply chain, SwissDeCode helps companies detect contamination, avoid food recalls and improve customer trust.

SwissDeCode boosts food sustainability through different DNA detection solutions to help farmers and manufacturers grow and produce safe food. Its DNAFoil® technology detects contaminants and adulterants that may harm product quality, such as pork meat, vegetable and milk. This innovative solution has helped companies to detect contamination earlier, avoid food recalls and improve customer trust.

What makes SwissDeCode technology different from current testing methods?

This innovation came in 2016 when SwissDeCode Founder Gianpaolo Rando discovered that rapid DNA detection solutions could improve food safety. Since then, the team has been working every day to secure the global food supply chain.

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SwissDeCode HQ
Chemin du Closel 5, Renens, VD 1020, CH
Phone : +41 78 222 94 44
Email : hello@swissdecode.com

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