January 2021

Swiss E-commerce Platform Farmy Sees Rapid Growth During Covid-19

Farmy, the largest selection of fresh produce in Switzerland, achieved huge growth of 170 per cent in 2020 amid the pandemic.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Farmy has seen high consumer demand for healthy and local food delivered conveniently to their doorsteps. This resulted in an almost triple turnover in 2020 from 9.7 Mio CHF to 26 Mio CHF, all while saving 400 tons of CO2.

To ensure demands for security and contactless transactions are met, the company had to expand its logistics; increasing the workforce from 133 to 220 employees, moving into larger confectioning centres and investing in additional vehicles and refrigeration capacity. Meanwhile, Farmy Co-CEO Tobias Schubert praises his team’s flexibility and excellent internal IT competence that ultimately helped them achieve this great feat.

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