May 2021

SNAQ: Get Nutritional Information Using an Image of Your Meal

Zurich-based startup SNAQ developed a patent-pending food analysis app that gives users nutritional information about their meals just by taking its picture.

SNAQ is a machine learning and computer vision startup active in the medical field. It has developed a mobile app solution enabling anyone to take a picture of a prepared meal and immediately receive its nutritional information. The Artificial Intelligence-powered app automatically recognises the food and using 3D models; it calculates the volume, deduces its weight. After comparison with a nutritional value database, the app provides a nutritional value analysis of the food.

Beyond being a lifestyle solution, the app is also being developed to help diabetes patients. Once the startup obtains approval to use the solution as a medical device, the app will be used to calculate the required insulin dosage.

Founders Aurelian Briner and Nico Previtali established SNAQ in 2017 to reveal the impact of food on health. SNAQ’s patent-pending and scientifically verified technology provides users with the most convenient and accurate way to capture nutritional intake and helps to manage the impact of food on health through personalised insights and recommendations.

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