May 2021

Science Stories – WFSC Short Films Premiere | 25th May 2021

Science Stories – WFSC Short Films Premiere

The WFSC Research Programs support new cross-​​disciplinary and solution-​oriented research to address food system challenges. We are excited to show results from several of these projects in the form of short films!

  • Date: 25 May 2021, 17:00–18:00 CET
✺ Watch the premiere of several of our short films to learn more about different food systems research projects at ETH Zurich
✺ Learn about the craft of visual storytelling from videographer Marius Born
✺ Gain insight about using different platforms to share science from ETH Zurich Prof. Emma Wetter Slack
✺ And meet the stars- talk with the young researchers who stepped in front of the camera to bring science stories to life!
  • Teaming up with soil microbes Starring: Lukas Wille. Molecular Plant Breeding Group
  • Fighting Vitamin A deficiency and soil depletion Starring: Rafaela Feola Conz, Sustainable Agroecosystems Group
  • Red clover for sustainable livestock production Starring: Mike Ruckle, Molecular Plant Breeding Group
  • Rooibos – Looking beneath the surface Starring: Josep Ramoneda Massagué, Plant Nutrition Group
  • Growing food without land Starring: Iris Haberkorn and Alexander Mathys, Sustainable Food Processing Group
  • Rethinking human waste Starring: Ben Wilde, Sustainable Agroecosystems Group
Moderation: Braida Thom, WFSC Films Producer

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