March 2021

Planted: Offering Delicious and Nutritious Experience with Plant-Based Meat

Zurich-based startup Planted produces plant-based meat in a bid to raise awareness for the protection of the planet.

Startup Planted grows, harvests and produces plant-based meat using pea proteins and fibres, canola oil and water. And their products are not only healthy, delicious and affordable, but they also taste and feel like animal meat. 

The idea to produce meat from plants started with Pascal Bieri, Christoph Jenny, Lukas Böni and Eric Stirnemann in 2019. Their mission is to bring a delicious and nutritious experience without harming animals or the environment. And since then, the Planted team has been revolutionising the way meat is perceived and consumed globally. Additionally, they aim to end animal cruelty, reduce pollution and make the world better and tastier.

Today, Planted provides Europe’s growing number of conscious connoisseurs with up to 500 kilograms of plant-based meat per day.

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Kemptpark 32, Kemptthal, Zürich 8310, CH

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