January 2021

NutriMenu: The app that makes canteen lunch tray healthier

Launched in 2016, Swiss based company nutriMenu facilitates the creation of healthy, seasonal and regional menus in canteens.


Too fatty, too salty, too much meat or not enough vegetables? Canteens in Lausanne, Zürich and other cities across Switzerland are now equipped to analyze what they put on their menu. Thousands of people, especially children, have been tasting for more nutritious lunch thanks to nutriMenu, an application that measures the nutritional quality of meals.

Developed by the Swiss start-up Myravan Solutions in partnership with the City of Lausanne, the application is used in ten kitchens managed directly by the Cities as well as in private catering sector such as SV Group and university canteens such as EPFL. NutriMenu facilitates the creation of healthy, seasonal and regional menus through its web portal, helping chef balance their choice of ingredients.

Based on Swiss quality standards for collective catering that promote healthy eating (OSAV and SSN), nutriMenu uses a scientific and detailed approach to evaluate and monitor the nutritional quality of menus and allows for a clear communication to consumers through a visual scoring system. The software will also evaluates overall balance of meals throughout the week.

Launched by a team of qualified dieticians with expertise in public health:

At the origin of the project, clinical dietitian’s Maryam Yepes realized the importance of training cooks while teaching at the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne and through her Ph.D. research in public health at the University of Lausanne: “Canteens chefs’ impact on public health is enormous: they prepare millions of meals and if you can reduce salt or fat even just a little, you dramatically improve the nutritional quality of a dish.”.

In her experience as a trainer, consultant and independent dietician for catering professionals, Maryam is convinced that technology can help cooks. “There isn’t sufficient training when it comes to nutrition. Chefs do not necessarily have the tools or the time to properly apply the theory they have learned.” 

Today, Maryam’s mission is to improve public health through nutriMenu, a tool to facilitate the preparation of healthy, sustainable and deliciously balanced meals in the catering industry using a digital and innovative approach. 


In the case of cafeterias, where customers return several times a week, it is important that weekly menues are balanced and nutritious.

Maryam Yepes Ph.D.

NutriMenu CEO, Doctor in Nutrition

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Maryam Yepes, Ph.D.
nutriMenu’s CEO



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