February 2021

New Roots Makes Vegan Cheese Using Traditional Techniques

As its contribution to food sustainability, this Swiss startup produces ethical alternatives to the well-loved cheese without changing its taste.

Attempting to end inhumane slaughter to satiate people’s cravings, New Roots creates vegan and organic artisanal cheese using cashew nuts. Their process involves ancestral methods of fermentation and ripening and traditional handmade techniques, from mixing to packing. And as part of their ethical responsibility, they partner with businesses that passed human rights standards.

Although both cheese lovers, the idea of saving the lives of other beings prevailed in founders Alice Fauconnet and Freddy Hunziker. So, to start their mission of providing delicious, ethical and sustainable cheese alternatives, they established New Roots in 2015. Since then, they have been making plant-based cheese by hand without altering its traditional taste.

New Roots has won several titles on Swiss Vegan Awards, Swiss Economic Forum Awards and Peta Vegan Food Awards. And they continue their dedication to finding sustainable solutions for the environment.

Find out more:

New Roots
Burgstrasse 16
3600 Thun
Email : info@newroots.ch
Phone : +41 (0)33 557 84 44

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