February 2021

Mootral: Reducing GHG Emissions Through Innovative Solutions

Swiss startup Mootral starts the transition to climate-smart agriculture to help farmers earn more money and reduce their impact on the environment.

The global livestock industry emits 15% of all greenhouse gases, with cows as the largest source of methane emissions. And this is a massive obstacle for farmers who are facing economic hardships and regulatory challenges. So to help the industry with a resolution, Mootral developed an innovation to reduce GHG emissions from ruminants. Mootral Ruminant is a natural feed supplement made from garlic powder and citrus extracts that significantly reduces methane emissions. These natural ingredients have antimicrobial properties and can improve rumen fermentation.

Launched by Thomas Hafner, the Mootral business model proves that sustainability and profitability can go together. Their innovative product results in better health and performance for the herd and makes ruminants climate-friendly. In summary, Mootral makes a significant contribution to animal health and welfare, climate change and farmer profitability.

With Mootral, everyone is able to participate to give our planet a big helping hand to clean up its act, whilst preserving our way of life and giving farmers the opportunity to not only contribute to reducing carbon emissions, but to also secure their financial viability whilst doing so.

Thomas Hafner

CEO, Mootral

This Swiss company is setting the foundation for the future through a solution that makes an impact today.

Find out more:

Z. A. La Pièce 1, A5, Rolle, 1180, CH
+41 21 805 05 92

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