October 2020

Molke Shake: A high-protein drink made from Swiss whey

Food entrepreneur Doris Erne is fighting for more recognition for Swiss whey. Her startup has taken a big step forward this year as she announced a new partnership with Schwyzer Milchhuus.

A tasty solution for mindful sport enthusiasts 

Avid crossfit and bike enthusiasts, Doris and her cofounder Christian were always looking for a healthy source of protein. Unfortunately, most protein shakes are not natural, contain various artificial additives and simply lack taste. That is, until now.

In 2020, the young team launched Molke Shake, the answer to combat foodwaste and to provide consumers with a great source of whey protein. Fighting for more recognition for Swiss whey, their product is 100% sourced in Switzerland, lactose-free, high in protein and has a great yoghurt-like taste.

With a background in food science, Doris announced this year a partnership with traditional cheese and dairy company Schwyzer Milchhuus as food production partner to strengthen the production of their delicious whey drink.

Good for you and the planet

 We all know our eating habits contribute to global warming, a phenomenon that threatens to cause serious damage to our planet. The United Nations (UN) warns that food waste alone causes 10% of greenhouse gases, and strongly recommends that we change our eating habits and food consumption. Since whey is often a food waste, Molke Shake founders Doris and Christian decided to repurpose it; thus combating food waste while also making your stronger. 

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