September 2020

Meat the Future: Join the 48hrs MAKEathon to rethink a world with less meat

The Swiss Food Research and ETH Zürich MAKEit MEAT is a MAKEathon in Zurich following the design-thinking approach combined with expert inputs to foster innovation in one of the most pressing challenges the world food system is facing: our meat consumerism. The participants will work in preformed teams to create new business ideas that would help reduce meat consumption and will present them to expert judges at the end of the event.

We would like to offer you the opportunity of taking part in this specially designed MAKEathon by Swiss Food Research and ETH Zürich supported and co-organised with EIT Food.

When: 23 – 25 October 2020

Where: The Valley, Kemptthal Zurich

Application Deadline: 14 October 2020

Two main areas of challenge

This MAKEathon will tackle a world with less meat from two different viewpoints – the social and psychological dimension, and what solutions for meat alternatives can be offered.

1. Main Challenge – Social & cultural dimension

Eating and diets have a strong socio-cultural and psychological link – Taking this into account, what can help to successfully rethink meat consumption habits?

2. Main Challenge – Technology & product dimension

What product and technology solutions can be offered that help rethinking meat consumption?

Taking the participants’ preferences into account, the two challenges will be allocated to the teams.


Apply now

This is a fantastic opportunity to share your ideas and expertise, help solve real problems AND try out your skills in a unique environment. The application is open now! Places are limited, so apply early to avoid disappointment.

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In case of any further questions, please send an email to

MAKEit MEAT is part of a series of MAKEathons delivered by the MAKEit Project under the consortium of EIT Food, partially funded by EIT. MAKEit tackles problems in various food supply chains, including fruit & vegetable, sugar, cocoa, dairy, meat, bread & bakery, and seafood. 

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