September 2020

Le Canton de Fribourg joins the SFNV.

Home to major agricultural lands, the Agri&Co Innovation Campus, along with world renowned cheese and chocolate manufacturers, the Canton de Fribourg joins the Swiss Food & Nutrition Valley.

Agriculture is an important field in the canton of Fribourg. The region is a major cheese producer, especially the district of Gruyère, home of the cheese of the same name. The chocolate industry is also well established in Broc, home to an international chocolate research centre. Other agricultural produces include tobacco, fruit and cereals.

The Agri&Co Innovation Campus

The «St-Aubin Innovation Space» has been the property of the Canton of Fribourg since June 2017; it covers 120 hectares. The site was previously owned by the pharmaceutical company Elanco, which conducted its research in the domain of animal health at this place. The Canton of Fribourg wishes to position itself as a key player in Agrifood as well as in innovation on an international scale, taking advantage of the unique opportunity the «St-Aubin Innovation Space» represents. Indeed, with an infrastructure including numerous laboratories, office space and premises suitable for experimentation and launching operations, all surrounded by vast agricultural fields, the «St-Aubin Innovation Space» offers a unique set-up in Switzerland and Europe and a real USP to develop tomorrow’s solutions and collaborations!

Over and above all this, the willingness and support of public authorities as well as the special ecosystem of the canton of Fribourg, which is characterized by a strong presence of Agrifood industries, universities, training and competence centres in the agricultural and food sector and everything comes together to make the site a world-renowned innovation park! A true rough diamond, the site is dedicated to industrial and innovation activities in the fields of agriculture, food and biomass valorization. The future winners of the «Relocation» program of Agri & Co Challenge will be among the first to occupy the site and will be able to contribute both to its shaping and development. They will be a special kind of pioneers!

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