December 2020

In Molondin, the Agropôle is building an international innovation campus for 2025.

In Molondin (State of Vaud), the Agropôle has been developing its new campus to further innovation in food and agriculture. This week, they unveiled their goals and targets for 2025.

Build an internationally renowned innovation campus by 2025

Their objectives are clear: start-ups, SMEs and industries must be able to find in the Agropôle an accelerator, enabling them to create, implement and disseminate their innovations with agility and at a lower cost. All this for the benefit of the environment, the economy and consumers. 

Currently under development with completion date set for 2025, the new concept is positioning itself as a Swiss campus of excellence in the industrialisation and marketing of innovative agri-food products. A role it plays in pursuing the United Nations’ objectives for sustainable development :

SDG Target 9: Society Democratize Solutions 
The role of the Agropôle is to democratize the sustainable solutions of tomorrow, all for the benefit of the actors in the agri-food value chain and consumers.

SDG Target 13: Climate Carbon Footprint
The agri-food sector has a major impact in terms of CO2 reduction. The Agropôle site is designed to meet greenhouse gas reduction standards.

SDG Target 8: Economic Growth
The Agropôle platform is an accelerator for the development of cleantech solutions useful to the agri-food industry, to promote sustainable business models.

SDG Target 17: Community Development
The Agropôle works in collaboration with existing actors, whether public, private, research-related or entrepreneurial, in Switzerland and abroad.

Innovation in the agri-food sector is our concrete objective to ensure the sustainability of the sector, preserve the environment and ensure food sovereignty.

The Agropôle

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