May 2021

Fribourg-based Startup Bloom Biorenewables Wins the Sustainable Economy Prize

This year, the canton of Fribourg presented for the first time the Sustainable Economy Award, and it was given to Bloom Biorenewables.

Bloom Biorenewables received the CHF 6,000 Sustainable Economy Award for developing a process to exploit the hidden value of biomass. From wood waste, Bloom Biorenewables managed to extract soluble lignin. It is then used to replace petrochemical compounds largely present in perfumes, aromas, inks, cosmetics, medicines, adhesives, plastics, and textiles. Often unsuspected, the quantities of CO2 contained in these products are considerable. In this way, Bloom eliminates the utilisation of petroleum by recycling the waste of an industry that is well entrenched in the Canton.

Created in 2019, Bloom Biorenewables SA is a spin-off from the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). Bloom has developed the first technology to selectively convert the most abundant biopolymers on Earth – cellulose and lignin – into added-value chemical products. The vision is to efficiently utilise resources and promote the shift towards a green and circular society.

The Sustainable Economy Award was presented by Chantal Robin, Director of the Fribourg Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FCCI), and a member of the panel of judges. The Award is attributed jointly by the FCCI, the Cantonal Service of Energy, and the Fribourg Development Agency (FDA). Learn more about the State of Fribourg’s commitent towards agrifood innovation in their latest factsheet.

The other winners are Ascenseurs Menétrey for the Business Award, while GBY received the Start-up Award.

For more information:
Bloom Biorenewables SA
Route de l’ancienne papeterie, 106
Case postale 146
CH-1723 Marly 1 – Switzerland
Email :

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