December 2020

Aquantis: Developing sensors for inline quality control and process monitoring

Aquantis is a Swiss company specialized in innovative sensors based on electromagnetic wave technologies. 


Variations in raw materials or external factors may result in unwanted effects on a food product quality. Regular or continuous process monitoring is critical to ensure the quality standards are met and maintained. Based at the EPFL Innovation Park, in Lausanne (Canton of Vaud), Aquantis investigates and develops new inline sensor solutions using micro and millimeter wave technologies.

The company provides innovative inline sensor solutions for various applications including freezing, moisture and particle size determination. Their product portfolio includes both atline and inline monitoring solutions for solid and liquid products. 

Widely applicable to various materials and processes, Aquantis’s technology allows to evaluate both the surface and the inside of the products, including the determination of:


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As a service, the startup also provide project-based feasibility studies and more extensive evaluations to further optimise production processes. 

Aquantis SA
EPFL Innovation Park
Bâtiment C, 1015 Lausanne.

Prof. Jacques-E. Moser

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