May 2021

Applications for NTN Swiss Food Ecosystem Ideation Campaign Now Open

You may now register for the NTN Swiss Food Ecosystem Ideation Campaign by the 4th of June 2021.

The Ideation Campaign on the online innovation platform is a semi-public event with a large community from different NTNs and expertise. People submitting their ideas do so in an attitude of open innovation and are interested in solving the given challenge in collaboration with other community members.

The ideation campaign is open to anyone, who…

  • Is prepared to share their idea with a community and embrace the open innovation approach to find radical solutions
  • Applications are screened by the Suisse Agro Food Leadinghouse prior to publication on the HYPE platform and made visible to the community
  • Participation is free of charge!

What kind of ideas are we looking for?
This overarching question can be subdivided into: 

  • How to solve the plastic problem for food packaging? 
  • What innovative bio-based and biodegradable materials could be developed and used as packaging material?
  • For what type of application would that be suitable – chilled, frozen or room temperature storage?
  • Heatable/freezable? Liquid/soft/solid material products?
  • Logistic concepts are linked to packaging of food and also to the collection of used packaging material.
  • What are innovative logistic & distribution concepts to support the use of biopolymers?  

Evaluation Criteria
All ideas will be rated on:

  • Potential of innovation
  • Degree of novelty – to Switzerland / to the world
  • Desirability, viability and feasibility
  • Economic impact
  • Sustainability
  • Scale-up / follow-up potential

Ideation Campaign Awards

  • Top 3 ideas rated by community CHF 500.- and 3h of dedicated support
  • Top 5 ideas assessed by the jury CHF 1’000.- and 3h of dedicated support
  • Participation voucher to either Workshop or Hackathon

For more information:

Suisse Agro Food Leadinghouse
Passage du Cardinal 11
1700 Fribourg
Email :

Or you can also contact them here.

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