About the Challenge

In the midst of the COVID-19 challenge we all face major uncertainty. We anticipate a deep recession and we anticipate that 1bn people will fall back into a position of nutrition insecurity at a time when the already-stretched global food supply will come under increasing pressure. We must focus on the need to make affordable and nutritious food available, but at the same time we cannot ignore the burning platform that is the need for action to mitigate climate change.

These two challenges can move forward hand-in-hand. The ability to extract value from food supply chains in an energy efficient manner can support the economics for consumers, manufacturers and their supply base (including farmers) whilst reducing the CO2 footprint of the entire food value chain. Startups can play a unique role in bringing new disruptive ideas to the table. Corporations can play a critical role in scaling these ideas bringing benefits to society quickly.

A group of leading global food manufacturers and producers- Nestlé, Bühler, GEA, Givaudan, Barry Callebaut, Südzucker, Amcor – have partnered with MassChallenge to find and collaborate with startups or organisations, who have proven solutions or technologies, in the following areas:

  1. Food processing solutions (technology, software, control) that minimizes waste and the use of energy, water and chemicals.
  2. Technology solutions to reduce the CO2 footprint of food production, distribution & disposal.
  3. Value creation/upcycling of food processing side streams
  4. Sustainable (plastic-free) bottling and food packaging

The Sustainable Food Systems Challenge is a project to find 6 startups or organisations, and match them to MassChallenge’s corporate partners, so that the startup & partner can collaborate to scale the startup’s idea, and contribute to feed the planet sustainably.

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