January 2021

AgroSustain: Using biological fungicides and coatings to reduce food waste and support organic food production

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AgroSustain is a one-stop-shop solution for biological plant protection. Based at the Agroscope Institute of Changins (State of Vaud), the company aims at reducing food waste while ensuring everyone has access to healthy foods.

As the world focuses even more on sustainable and organic food production, AgroSustain offers to extend the freshness of crops by more than 20 days. This results in a significant drop in food waste, the third-largest producer of greenhouse gases in the world. Its first product, AgroShelf+, prevents mould from attacking crops, post-harvest, without affecting the taste.

The idea first started with co-founder and CEO Olga Dubey when she first learned about anti-fungal compounds. She wanted to offer a natural product to the market that could potentially replace chemical solutions while ensuring the safety of humans and biodiversity.

Meanwhile, AgroSustain’s research team of highly qualified PhDs with expertise in chemistry, plant biochemistry, and molecular and evolutionary biology, are working closely with institutions like the University of Lausanne and Agroscope to develop products for pre-harvest crops.

Find out more:

Agroscope, Batiment AO, Route de Duillier 50
Nyon, Vaud 1260, CH 

For inquiries, you can contact them here.

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