November 2020

5 Strategic Axes to advance scientific innovation in food, agriculture, and nutrition

Lausanne, 24th November 2020 

By bringing together key players, including local authorities, companies, universities and associations, the SFNV will cultivate a comprehensive ecosystem to facilitate the exchange of expertise and advance Switzerland’s cutting-edge innovation capacities.

Following voting during its General Assembly, the Swiss Food & Nutrition Valley association last week adopted five strategic axes designed to address major global food and nutrition challenges. These areas have been selected to align with Switzerland’s competitive capabilities, while also addressing the most vital complex challenges of the food systems beyond our borders.

1. Protein Alternatives

Protein Alternatives refer to plant-based and food-technology replacements for animal protein. Food manufacturers are primarily using plants, mycelium, algae or microbes to replace traditional meat, dairy or seafood ingredients.

2. Precision Nutrition & Healthy Ageing

Precision Nutrition refers to a new scientific discipline, such as nutrigenomics, which focuses on the relationship between genes, nutrition and health. It seeks to explain how our bodies respond to what we eat and drink – and how we can use that knowledge to promote better health.

3. Food Systems 4.0

Food Systems 4.0 refers to the digitisation process taking place across the entire food supply chain; from traceability and provenance of raw ingredients to food safety solutions in the manufacturing process, to consumer-facing digital tools for better information access.

4. Precision Farming

Precision Farming refers to the use of high-tech robotics, data analytics and digital tools for more accurate monitoring of soil, irrigation and strip tilling. When supported by precision farming solutions, crops are more inclined to thrive.

5. Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable Packaging refers to the sourcing, development and use of packaging solutions that have a minimal environmental impact and low footprint.

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