January 2021

2021: A taste of the future

Dear Reader,

As we enter a new period and welcome 2021, we’re taking a few minutes to reflect back on an unprecedented first year. As for many others, the Swiss Food & Nutrition Valley expected 2020 to go quite differently. 

Not so long ago, our schedules were filled with in-person events and meetings with many of you across the country and around the globe. These plans quickly changed due to the current pandemic. But innovation never sleeps and instead, we’ve had to pleasure to connect with many of you through video calls, webinars, as well as our first General Assembly which was a first step towards gathering the Swiss food ecosystem under one – albeit virtual – roof.

The pandemic has also been revealing. On the one hand, we’ve accelerated the need to transition to a more resilient food system, locally and across the globe. On the other hand, it’s highlighted consumers’ willingness to change their habits towards healthier and more sustainable practices. These developments further underline the relevance and necessity of initiatives such as the SFNV.

We’d like to thank you for your part in keeping Switzerland’s food innovation ecosystem growing; and to all of our new members who have joined us in our mission to establish Switzerland as a global food and nutrition innovation hub.

Wishing you a very happy new year and look forward to continuing the discussion with many of you in 2021,

Christian Schwab, EPFL
President of the Executive Committee
Swiss Food & Nutrition Valley

Our goals for 2021 :

Key Objectives

To contribute to solving some of the most pressing food-related global issues.

To attract further talent, start-ups and investments, as well as connecting existing actors.

To establish Switzerland as a world reference in sustainable food and nutrition innovation. 

Levels of Action

We Foster Ecosystems

We strengthen and promote the Swiss food innovation ecosystem by uniting key stakeholders, enabling collaboration and attracting talent, startups and investment to Switzerland.

To Advance Innovation

We create content and establish project plans to address major challenges in food, nutrition and agriculture, from a sustainability perspective, using cutting-edge science and technology.

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