April 2021

1st International Food Innovation Conference | 29th June 2021

Farms, Labs and Beyond: Fixing a Broken Food System

  • Date: 29th June 2021

The past decades in food production have seen a move in one direction only: towards a growing worldwide entanglement along the nutrition value chain. But this chain is being challenged – by changing consumer demands, by new technologies and, lately, by the pandemic.

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the multiple facets of sustainability, from ethical standards to responsible manufacturing, and are demanding more control over the provenance of the products they buy. At the same time, climate change, shrinking farmland and a growing world population are putting pressure on traditional methods of food production and distribution.

When it comes to meeting the challenge of feeding nine billion people while preserving the natural environment, innovation will be key. Already, startups and established companies alike are implementing novel ways to produce, process, distribute and recycle our daily bread. Plant-based meat has made its way onto supermarket shelves. Thanks to significant investment, scientists in laboratories around the world are recreating our nutrition, from dairy to meat. Is cellular agriculture the future of food?

At the 1st International Food Innovation Conference, we will introduce you to cutting-edge research, revolutionary new business models and smart thinkers, presenting the latest in food innovation.

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